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Australian Football League

Australian Rules Football was developed in 1858, with the first recorded match between two Melbourne Grammar Schools.  The popularity of the match led the creation of the VFL (Victorian Football League).  During 1990 to 1999, the Victorian Football League quickly developed into the Australian Football League (AFL).  The Australian Football League (AFL) is now the title for the sport’s regulatory body.  It encompasses all Clubs involved in the sport and their respective operation.

We have been providing sales support and consulting services to the AFL since January 2006.  The services initially related to Membership Acquisition and Renewal Programs both inbound and outbound, customer service and sales training, IT, technology & CRM consulting as well as Auditing Industry Best Practice within the AFL Membership Shared Services environment.

Our management team has successfully developed and managed outbound acquisition and retention membership that serve to exceed Club Return on Investment (ROI) expectations, with most campaigns achieving triple figure ROI results whilst delivering member insights and critical learnings.

We acknowledge that in the current financial climate sporting bodies face ongoing challenges in acquiring new financial members as well as retaining existing members on a year to year basis.  We have found that in order to be effective in today’s membership sales landscape the sales consultant’s conversations must focus on strategies, consequences and implications when communicating to potential members and hold firm on price and sell value.

By working very closely with major stakeholders at the AFL and taking the time to understand the organisation we have developed “Trusted Advisory” status.